Embedded Files ClosedEmbedded Files OpenEmbedded Files Detail"EMBEDDED FILES"   2004

Handwoven Plain Weave, mohair, rayon, cotton, and silk.  Digital Images, printed on treated cotton, stripped and rewoven on cotton ground using Theo Moorman technique.  Original vest design.  




The VictimThe Victim Detail"THE VICTIM"   2001

Pieced recycled handwoven fabric of wool, rayon, cotton, and metallic; lace; crystal drops, digital image transfers, adapted from a Burda pattern 

"The Victim”, is about men and women, all of us who have allowed ourselves to become victims of others, victims of ourselves and our own toxic behaviors, victims of society and a culture that defines who we should be and does not accept who we are.  I saw the most beautiful spider web early one morning stretched between the spindles of the deck railing.  It was glistening with the morning dew.  It was so fragile yet exquisite in it’s iridescence.  Many things that lure us in are actually traps.  We get caught in the trappings of life and become victims so easily.  Once inside it is very difficult to escape.  The spider is often used by many cultures as the original weaver or lacemaker, creating something so unique it can’t be duplicated.  I love the analogy and used it here, juxtaposed to the concept of the spider waiting for her victim to become trapped in her web.  



In Memoriam In Memoriam InsideIn Memoriam Detail"IN MEMORIAM"   1999

Pieced, recycled handwoven rayon, cotton, and silk.  Piecing trimmed in raw silk, collar and armhole bands trimmed in sheepskin;  cotton chambray lining;  appropriated digitally altered images;  beads; original vest design.  

Text reads: After varsity cheerleading, Deanne went on to marry her high school football hero and become Miss April 1976.  It was the highlight of her life.  By 30 she was divorced.  By 40 she was dead from Breast Cancer.  In Memoriam 1955-1995

"In Memoriam" was selected for exhibit in SEAMS: CONTEMPORARY ART TO WEAR 2008 The Noyes Museum of Art, Oceanville, NJ  Curated by Joanie San Chirico and Dorrie Papademetriou



Wild Things FrontWild Things BackWild Things Detail"WILD THINGS: TAME OR UNTAMED?"   1998

Recycled handwoven alpaca and wool with digital images on cotton;  recycled fox heads and animal fur trim and lining;  jingle shells; original vest design.





Past Lives FrontPast Lives BackPast Lives Detail"PAST LIVES"   1998

Pieced recycled handwoven mohair, rayon, cotton, and metallic;   inkle woven trim;  digital images on Lamé;  trimmed and lined in recycled Persian Lamb; original vest design